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Whole Life Naturopathy

Mornington Peninsula’s leading naturopathic clinic specializes in nervous system disorders, gut disorders, women’s health and cancer support.

Why Visit A Naturopath?
At Whole Life Naturopathy we are dedicated to helping you get well and stay well, naturally. Our treatment approach means that you will not only be relieved of your current complaints, but also experience greater energy, vitality and resilience to stress and disease.

Good health involves well being in all areas; physical, mental, emotional and social. At Whole Life Naturopathy we apply a holistic model of healthcare with the primary goal of treating the underlying cause of disease.

What do Naturopaths do?
Naturopaths interpret signs and symptoms of disease as indicators of improper functioning of the body. This method helps to identify the root cause of illness, which allows the Naturopath to then control, eliminate and prevent any recurrence of illness.

The Naturopaths at Whole Life Naturopathy combine the most recent scientific research with traditional natural medical practices to restore optimal health.

What is involved in a Naturopathic Consultation
Your initial consultation will involve a thorough investigation of your particular health concerns, health history, current physical condition and lifestyle factors such as diet, stress, emotional concerns, alcohol and tobacco use, sleep and exercise. A range of examinations and diagnostic tests may be carried out, including iridology, salivary hormone testing, food allergy testing, mineral analysis, body composition analysis and other functional pathology.

Cancer Treatment

Many people diagnosed with cancer are using some form of natural therapy, however most of them are uncertain why a particular remedy is used, how much they should take and how often they should use it, and, whether it is compatible with medical treatment.

Many cancer sufferers are not under the guidance of a fully qualified Naturopath and use natural remedies on the recommendation of friends, relatives, books or the internet. Understandably some confusion may arise.

At Whole Life Naturopathy, Jane and Melinda guide their patients using natural medicines to support their healing and recovery. We will help you find the most effective and safe natural therapies to treat the side effects of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation as required.

Naturopathic and medical treatments can be an ideal combination, gaining the best of both. Medical treatment will attack the cancer, and natural therapies will strengthen and support the mind and body, and alleviate any side effects, thus enhancing the recovery process.

It is highly recommended that you are under the personal care of a qualified Naturopath, who can monitor the use of remedies, support your individual needs and alleviate any concerns you may have. Patients who begin natural therapies as early as possible achieve better results and a quicker recovery.